Project John

Here attached are the pieces of developing another piece prescribed for another car enthusiast of the Acura TL.

The front view according to corresponding image as reference was a bit tricky, but almost identical to a symmetrical design theory.

The illustration concept becomes challenging when more curves and line variations are necessary, for organic subjects. When finally reaching a comfortable approach, I would just stay consistent with the speed and mode of the technique until the organic subject has been completed.

The application of colors are also another world to convey moods and adaptive techniques. The only difference between this concept is to use it for the advantage that light is also included and never really cooperates with a symmetrical theory.

No worries, still great to take the advantage to try something new and see it work out.

The final comp with some sort of personal attribute to be included helps add more realism and connection. Mission accomplished!

Project NuVibe

NuVibe Systems Injury Management has been a great service for others in the medical and health industry. It’s been a a privilege to have been through the creation and production of the service and to also support what other visual elements are ever necessary during their campaigns and exhibitions.

During the beginning, an experienced designer would always prefer the company adhere to a strong name and follow through with a more distinct logo creation.

Once the name and logo find themselves in sync, then evolves into further production such as stationaries, i.e. business cards.

Project Ego Himself

Project Ego Himself was based on the collections of audio music pieces that were created by the lyricist Ego Himself. Under the style and direction of these albums, the possibilities to design their covers were one of the best chances given, for original opportunistic focuses for a designer.

“Deep. Different. Music for the many, or the few.”

Ego Himself

This is a piece of work dedicated towards Ego Himself, through a traditional art method created digitally with a vector format.