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Welcome to Rumors A.I. – Design and Illustration. There are many designs here that be fascinating, but for sure the best idea is your mind right now. Something waiting to be developed visually to others, but only a designer’s method away.


Designer/ Illustrator: 20+ years

Photography: 15+ years

Software: Adobe CS, HTML/CSS, Maya, and more…

C/V available upon request

“Are the people happy with results?” Well, for years my development has always been surrounded by authenticity, and original creations of design that you will not be able to find by wild search. I’ll take care of all the parts and pieces, just render to me your descriptive idea, and let’s see what comes out after our teamwork and strategies are applied.

What does design mean?

Well, from my perspective, design can mean anything these days, but for Rumors A.I. – Design and Illustration, that’s a different approach.

Graphic Design is the meaning of design and how I can create the imagery and symbols to support business branding.

This goes from the process of logo creations, to the final office stationaries, and even web development.

After all, a website with great compositing with more supporting imagery makes it easier and user friendly for consumers.

That helps satisfy your business potential by finally reaching leads to satisfied consumers.

They do get pretty hungry, so let’s feed them what’s necessary.




Major markets at one time for Illustrations were used for books, magazines, and newspapers.

But now that cameras and photography has developed, we illustrators can now dive into our minds creating personal and symbolic conceptual languages.

“Art is the reflection of pure emotion and mind, the nature of sensation. An artist illustrates that.” ― Unarine Ramaru

I enjoy the opportunities to expand my interpretation with creative sensibility to a great degree.


Illustrator: My whole life!

Media: Pencils, Charcoals, Acrylics, and more…

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Storyboarding is the first look at the film or animation. You can look down these images and see the path of performance of light on objects and more.

“I do all my work by storyboard, so as I draw the storyboard, the world gets more and more complex, and as a result, my North, South, East, West directions kind of shift and go off base, but it seems like my staff as well as the audience, doesn’t quite realize that this has happened. Don’t tell them about it.” – Hayao Miyazaki

Art schools have been a great aid to have an advantage to build more towards design settings according to stories, and give me a reason to choose a location and see those images in my mind.

Thumbnails turn into larger parts of the play that will lead my audience into hell… but also, lead the way out!


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